Web Performance

The Real Cost of Poor Website Performance

It has been my experience that website owners have little understanding of how website performance affects the bottom line. In light of this, I’ve pieced together a few infographics from Strangeloop Networks to illustrate some important findings regarding page load times:

Cost of Web Performance Infographic

It is incredible to see how page load times can affect revenue and traffic. Here’s a table of some of the results listed by the companies mentioned in the infographics:

Amazon 100ms Increased revenue by 1%
Mozilla 2.2 seconds 60 million more Firefox downloads per year
Shopzilla 4.8 seconds Increased revenue by 12%, page views by 25%
Yahoo 400ms Increased traffic by 9%

These numbers might not look like much, but if you’re a multi-million Rand e-commerce website owner, you may want to think again about your web performance budget! Even if you’re only running a small non-profit website, the increased traffic may be what you need to get more exposure and support.


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